Helping Families Reconnect Over Food

I’ll help you design a meal plan that simplifies healthy eating for you and your family.

What’s for Dinner?


If there’s one question every mother loves to hate, it’s this one. What should I make? Will they even eat it? Will they pick out all of the vegetables that I spent ages peeling and chopping?

As a mom, you’re under a lot of pressure to do it all. You’re trying to balance a busy career and home life with the desire to support your family with nourishing meals to help them thrive. But picky eaters, busy schedules, and a fridge full of ingredients you don’t know what to do with often stand in your way.

I’ve been there. I often fell into the trap of not knowing what to cook for dinner. Sure, I’d buy healthy ingredients. But half of them would go bad because I didn’t have a plan for what to do with them. I fell into the pressure of thinking I had to cook a meal every day, only to end up going through the drive-through when they didn’t like what was on the menu, or I was too darn tired to figure out what to make.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Meal Planning

Creating healthy meals your kids will actually eat without spending hours in the kitchen or cooking every day is possible. My job is to help you take the guesswork out of cooking by helping you design meal plans that work for your family.

Take it from me – the stress of last minute meal planning and prepping will disappear, if you’re able to take an hour out of your week to get organized. And, with my help, you’ll have a stack of go-to healthy family favourites in no time.

Eat Healthy Whole Foods

As a culinary nutrition expert, I focus on real, whole foods without following specific diets or cutting out entire food groups.

Save Money on Groceries

By arming yourself with the tools to create your own meal plans, you’ll save money on wasted food and takeout.

Adapt on the Fly

Life happens. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be ready with healthy backup options when dinner gets derailed – these are included in my plans too.

Laura Hearn,

Culinary Nutrition Expert

I’ve always had a strong connection to the kitchen. Even as a child, I’d reach for a cookbook to read instead of a novel. But food also provided me with the opportunity to connect with the people I loved – from the neighbour who would invite me over to cook together, to my grandmother who always made sure there was a full table of food to gather around.

Somewhere along the road, as a working mom with young kids, I lost that connection. After 15 years in the same corporate job, I found myself overworked, exhausted, and turning all too often to the drive-through when I was too tired to cook. Realizing I wasn’t taking care of myself was a pivotal moment – I wanted to set a better example for my kids.

Changing my diet brought me back to the ever-important piece of connection. I was blown away by how my attention to healthier eating habits transformed my family’s attitude towards food. I developed meal planning and meal prep systems, finding shortcuts in the kitchen to make cooking meals easier and more efficient. I felt less overwhelmed and more confident in the kitchen, and I wanted that for other families.

Now my job is to help you learn how to cook healthy, uncomplicated meals so you too can set the right example for your loved ones and reconnect over food.

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